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Guide for authors
Types of contributions:
  • Research Papers: Include a 200-400 word Abstract, 4-8 Keywords, an Introduction, Methods, Results, Conclusions and References.
  • Reviews: Reviews should include all major findings and bring together reports from a number of sources.
  • Book Reviews: Book Reviews will be included in the journal on a range of relevant books which are not more than 3 years old.
  • Short Communications: Short Communications should be used to report either important preliminary findings or results that do not require a full research article.
Manuscript Preparation
  1. We accept most wordprocessing formats, but Word (*.doc; *.rtf) is preferred.
  2. Manuscripts should be written in English. Authors whose native language is not English are advised to have their manuscripts checked by an English-speaking colleague prior to submission.
  3. Manuscripts should be prepared with numbered lines, with wide margins and double spacing throughout, i.e. also for abstracts, footnotes and references. Every page of the manuscript, including the title page, references, tables, etc. should be numbered. However, in the text no reference should be made to page numbers.
  4. The title should be brief, followed by the name, affiliation, address, country, and postal code (zip) of the author(s). Indicate to whom correspondence and proofs should be sent, including a telephone number, fax number and e-mail address.
  5. The text should be divided into well-defined sections, each with a heading, e.g. Introduction, Methods, Results, Conclusions and References.
  6. Illustrations: Figures are not to be published in color. Any art that is sent electronically should be in *.tif or *.jpg files, in 300 dpi resolution, for superior reproduction. The text must be readable after reduction. Illustrations should be referred to as Figure 1, etc.
  7. Tables: Number consecutively and type on a numbered, separate page. Please use arabic numerals and supply a heading. Column headings should be explanatory and carry units. Do not include vertical rules. Tables should be referred to as Table 1, etc.
  8. Formulae: Give the meaning of all symbols immediately after the equation in which they are first used. Equations should be numbered serially at the right-hand side in parentheses (1).
  9. Units: SI units should be used.
  10. Biological Nomenclature: All organisms mentioned should have their scientific names indicated. If an English or common name is used for a species when it is first mentioned in the text, the scientific name should follow in italics, within parentheses, e.g., field maple (Acer campestre).
  11. Acknowledgements: Acknowledgments of assistance, funding, etc. or dedications should be brief and placed before the References section.
  12. References: The author's name with the year in parentheses is cited within the text as an indirect citation - (Rupnik, 1964), the year in parentheses is used for citation as subject or object - Boulle (1989). Where there are two authors both must be cited (e.g. Nowak and Smith, 2005). The “et al.” form must always be used for three or more authors (e.g. Jones et al., 2000). Several papers by the same author and year must be followed by a, b, c etc. after the year. Submitted papers or unpublished oral presentations must not be listed as references; cite them in text as unpublished data or personal communications.
The format of references in the References section should conform with the following styles:

Journal Article:
Nikodemus, O., Bell, S., Grine, I., Liepins, I. 2005. The impact of economic, social and political factors on the landscape structure in Burnasso. Landscape and Urban Planning, 70: 57-67.

Book or proceedings as a book:
Zonneveld, I.S. 1995. Land Ecology. SPB Academic Publishing, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Chapter of a book or proceedings with an editor:
Kurick, J.I. 2003. Land markets in Europe. In: Lewis, C.L. (ed.), Land Reform in Europe. FAO, Rome, Italia, pp 41-58.

Papers accepted:
Johnson, T.R. 2004. Importance of spatial heterogeneity to landscape planning and management. Landscape Ecology (in press).

Journal of Landscape Studies

An International Peer - Reviewed Journal of Landscape Planning, Ecology, Design and Policy.

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